Our KJ’s and DJ’s host all types of karaoke events from Kids Karaoke parties to TV and Movie Wrap parties to corporate events and everything in between. Our KJ's and DJ’s keep guests singing and dancing without hype and without needing to be in the spotlight. We simply let others shine. A big part of what we do is mastering the details of each event. The music our DJ’s play will reflect your crowd…newer music mixed in with older music so all your guests feel represented. We excel at this. We also pride ourselves on our seamless transitions between DJ and karaoke music.


  • Large Music Selection

  • 3 or more cordless microphones

  • Emcee hosted Karaoke Party Specialist

  • Kids Birthday Karaoke Party Specialist

  • Karaoke/ DJ Combos

  • High quality sound system and screens set up.